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How to Handle Tough Kitchen Messes

Baked-on food? Greasy residue? Take on tough messes with Dawn® and these quick tips

Pile of dirty dishes

Don’t go scrub crazy

Dawn® Platinum powers away even 48-hour stuck-on food. To finish the job on heavy metal and untreated pots and pans, try a scouring pad. But for ceramic, glass, aluminum, enameled or nonstick pots and pans, reach for a less-abrasive nylon-mesh pad, and leave the heavy lifting to Dawn.

When life hands you lemons, remove water spots with them

To avoid cloudiness and remove water lines or hard-water spots in glassware like vases and pitchers, try rubbing the line/spot with half of a lemon (seeds removed). If the waterline remains, soak the glass overnight in a bath of white vinegar and water, then hand wash with Dawn® the next day.

Unclear crystal?

Because crystal is softer than glass, its surface is easier to scratch. Since extreme temperatures can damage crystal, don’t put them in the dishwasher. Your best bet for safely cleaning them is to line your sink with a towel and gently wash with Dawn and warm water. Crystal clear? Good.

Spotless baby bottles

Use Dawn and warm water to clean baby bottles. As always, be sure to read the usage instructions on the bottles before washing. Only the best for your little ones will do.

Ooey Gooey Messes

And finally, for those extra ooey-gooey messes that only the dishwasher can handle, try usingCascade® Platinum ActionPacsto power through 24-hour stuck-on food, and get the exceptional shine you expect.