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How To Hand Wash Baby Bottles

Baby items

Babies require a lot of stuff. And by a lot, we mean a lot. All of those bottles, bottle parts, nipples, and pacifiers need to be cleaned. Over and over. Day after day. Here’s how to wash baby items by hand.

1. Things You’ll Need.

In addition to a sponge, we recommend purchasing a dedicated bottle brush with a nipple brush to clean all the hard-to-reach spots inside your baby’s bottles. For best results, use Dawn®.

2. Rinse Directly After Use.

As soon as you have finished feeding your baby, give your bottle a quick rinse off with warm water just to get rid of most leftover residue. You can come back to thoroughly wash a full day’s worth of bottles when you have more time.

Rinsing Baby Bottle with water from faucet and baby bottle parts soaking in a bowl of soapy water

3. Fill A Bowl with Hot Soapy Water.

Apply a squirt of Dawn into a bowl of hot water. Dawn works great for cleaning baby items because it does not leave a soapy residue on bottles.

4. Separate the Bottle Parts.

It’s important to take apart every part of the bottle. Old milk can build up between the bottle, the ring, and nipple.

Hand using soapy bottle brush and nipple brush to wash bottle and plastic nipples

5. Wash Bottle Parts Separately.

Place all of the bottle parts into hot, soapy water and wash them individually. Use a soapy bottle brush for the bottle and the nipple brush for the plastic nipples and rings. Next, gently squeeze soapy water through the nipple hole to flush out any trapped milk.

6. Rinse Bottle and Bottle Parts.

Rinse off the bottle and bottle parts thoroughly under water to remove any remaining soap residue.

Hand rinsing Baby Bottle under faucet and bottle parts drying in dish rack

7. Dry Bottles and Attachments.

Place bottles and nipples upside down in the dish rack to dry. Your baby items are now clean and ready for another feeding. Prepare to do this several hundred more times, even in your sleep.