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Dawn Powerwash Free & Clear Dish Spray Dish Soap, Pear

Dawn Powerwash Free & Clear Dish Spray gives you the power of an overnight soak in minutes, with 3 cleaning boosters not found in traditional dish soaps that help break down, loosen, and lift away food and grease. For everyday messes, just spray the suds on and wipe, no water needed until rinsing. For tougher messes, let the suds sit a few minutes before wiping. It's the faster and easier way to clean as you go. Dawn Powerwash is great for all of your dishes and can even clean hard to reach items, like blenders, air fryer baskets, grill grates, and baby bottles. Save money & reduce waste by reusing your sprayer. Convenient refills available.



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Just Spray, Wipe, and Rinse

Just Spray, Wipe, and Rinse

See how Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray cleans grease 5X faster*

*vs Dawn Non-Concentrated

Hand washing a plate under the sink tap


Hand Wash Dishes

See how just a bubble of Dawn Ultra cuts through grease.

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Dawn Platinum


Dawn Platinum

Even your toughest dishes get clean with ease.


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