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5 Simple Tips for Recycling

Recycling is a quick and easy way to do something great for the environment. Here are a few very simple ways to reuse and recycle every day.

Woman holding many plastic containers in her arms

Buying items in packaging already made from recycled plastics is a great start. For example, Dawn® dish soap bottles are made with 25% post-consumer recycled material.

Once a bottle is empty, you can either recycle it, or repurpose it into something completely different and useful. Check out these ideas below, and get creative:


Reuse plastic bottles as ice packs. After use, wash the bottle out and fill it about halfway with water. Freeze it and keep on hand for soothing minor cuts and burns, or for keeping food cold in picnic baskets and packed lunches.


Metal Cans

Instead of throwing out used metal cans, wash them out and turn them into flowerpots.


If you have a printer at home, consider printing on both sides of each sheet. You’ll save a lot of trees—and money.


Cardboard can often be repurposed as storage units, and can also be very useful if you or someone you know is moving soon. Or, build a fort! Everyone loves a good fort.


If reusing materials isn’t something you find useful, recycling them is just as helpful. Check your town’s recycling schedule and see just how easy it is to make a positive impact.

Just as you reuse and recycle in your home, Procter & Gamble has similar goals. Our corporate vision is to achieve 100% renewable or recycled material in our products and packaging, conservation of resources in designing our products and zero waste going to landfills. To help realize this vision, we are developing products that rinse faster, clean better in cold water to save energy, and use less packaging through more product concentration. For our packaging, we are investing in improving our recycling rates to help reduce waste.

P&G has always been concerned about protecting and caring for the environment. As a company, it strives to meet the most stringent quality standards and regulations through production processes that do not pollute the environment. For more information, learn how P&G is Future Friendly.